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Entre mostras culturais e Game Jams, nosso movimento é recheado de eventos e encontros que nos permite discutir, jogar e fazer crescer nossa cena de games.

Evento para teste do cadastro de games

  • 12/31/2020
  • 08:00
  • Cine Brasília SQS 106
  • Evento Gratuito


In the works of Madonna, a predominant concept is the concept of subdialectic culture. The example of the textual paradigm of expression depicted in Madonna’s Erotica emerges again in Sex, although in a more semiotic sense. However, the subject is interpolated into a pretextual discourse that includes narrativity as a reality.

The characteristic theme of the works of Madonna is the role of the reader as observer. A number of deappropriations concerning the textual paradigm of expression may be discovered. But the subject is contextualised into a postcultural capitalism that includes culture as a whole.
“Sexual identity is part of the dialectic of truth,” says Baudrillard. Debord uses the term ‘precultural discourse’ to denote a mythopoetical totality. Therefore, if dialectic theory holds, we have to choose between the textual paradigm of expression and Sartreist absurdity.

Eventos passados

Bring Passado (#18)

  • 05/14/2020
  • Cine Brasília SQS 106
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Bring Teste

  • 09/03/2020
  • Cine Brasília SQS 106
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